I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

That to a degree in my modelling is true, it’s one of the hazards of having a wide range of interests both within and outside of this hobby. It does however have some real benefits, it allows you not to get bogged down with the minutiae of concentrating on one subject. It does allow you to try different techniques and materials, and share and learn from others how they do things. For example I learn’t a good deal about resin, and resin casting from aircraft modellers, and some of them in turn were astonished to see me using solder for etched components,  for they had been using various superglues for similar tasks.
4mm NER Slotted Post Signal

My current search is due to thinking about what to do for my next projects. At the moment I’m awaiting the delivery of some HO Kadee 40ft freight cars, not my normal type of purchase of late, but the opportunity to show my layout ‘Albion Yard’ as a North American layout has lit a spark of interest to convert it to HO. It’s very near complete anyway, a huge leap from the original concept seen here, to how it is now.


The calling of N gauge has been getting stronger too and having messed around before with it, it appeals as being allowing me to be able to build and complete something relatively compact over a short space of time. There are two or three published track plans that have always held my attention, and the opportunity to build them, and re-visiting a former scale is quite tempting. Not as tempting as an evening in with half a bottle of Tequila and a Space Hopper, but tempting nevertheless….


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