Chain of Fools

A couple of weeks have gone by, with few opportunities to mess about until recently. One of my favourite types has always been the Brush Type 2 or class 31. I used to see these regularly as a kid, and throughout the 1980’s when working in London. Not long ago I happened on a Hornby variant at the right price so I got it, thinking that one day I’d dig it out and tart it up a bit.

I’d not really looked very closely at the model until I took it to bits, well being male thats what you do isn’t it? Without instructions of course. Overall it is certainly close enough for me, most things are to be honest, but as I have a Lima 31 and an Airfix 31 to hand, I had a look at body swapping, as some have advocated. Not quite sure why you’d throw away such a good body and change it for an inferior one but there you are, horses for courses etc. Most interesting was looking at the Airfix body. There seems to be a bit of a length discrepancy. I await the first interweb posting or magazine article of where the body will be lengthened or the chassis shortened. Either way an interesting excersise to be sure, and then there’s the windows and handrails to sort out too. Taking both the Lima and Hornby bodies side by side, there doesn’t seem to be a noticeable difference in profile, I didn’t go any further I couldn’t be @rsed quite frankly, and went back to scribing the Lima body and whittling the bits off that are wrong, ready to stick bits on to make it right. Or flush glazing the widows, or the roof handrails, or the cab interior, making one of course, coz there isn’t one. No one mentions that,… wonder why? I only wish I had more time. As it is, the notion that it’s a practical or worthwhile excercise went down the tube faster than the contents of a bog ostrich’s gullet…….

Still the Hornby body needs a change of stripe colors to start, thats been done with Halfords finest, and this weekend I can see me buying etched plates and decals to complete the face lift.

I may put sound in, having seen and heard the Mr Soundguy unit, it certainly captures the sound I recall, and it’ll be a change from the SWD digital units I’ve used before.

I’ve been thinking about wood quite a lot too, I used to spend a lot of time in them, so I am keen on getting trees right, always a thorny subject. So far so good though.



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