Maybe Tomorrow

I’ve had a pile of stuff arrive of late, and quite an eclectic mix it is too, so much so that it’s nearly time to start a list of things to do. Very ‘un-bloke ish’ but it may help in sorting a programme of work. Like most modellers I have a mental list of tasks that I think will work, and the sequence to do them in. That helps if they are from a project that has a connection to the next, the problem I have is there’s no connection so it’s all a bit ‘wood for the trees’ at the mo.

Here’s one of the ‘left field’ candidiates a Bachmann 0n30 ‘Shay’ for a weathering job, a great opportunity to do something different, but with no reference data, research will be interesting to say the least….

Also in the in tray are a selection of N Gauge Metcalfe buildings, which I already know will need some work on the roofs to get an acceptable result, I’ll be trying different media to improve those aspects, but it’s knowing where to stop once the improvements have started.

One thing that needs very little improvement is the new OO Heljan Class 53 Falcon.

Unfortunately some have a production fault with the buffer beam, but it’s nothing that a little bit of patience won’t resolve. The frustrating thing is that the replacement buffer beam has no buffers, so you have to swap those too. Not the biggest of jobs but removing the buffers from the original will almost certainly destroy the buffer housing, and putting them in the replacement one will mean solid buffers rather than sprung, due to the design. Aftermarket replacement buffers and housings are available, but it’s not the point really…. Still its a model that captures the iconic appearance of the prototype, and for that I can live with the minor niggles that come with it.

Another icon in a far less glamourous vein is the 08 shunter. I had the opportunity to revisit one of my three, two of which are in the BR corporate blue, a color notorious for fading, and quite difficult to capture effectively. I re-worked one to lighten and fade the blue with quite nice results. Whilst the Bachmann 08 isn’t as good as the Hornby offering, with a little work on pipes, windows details and paint, it scrubs up quite well.


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