How Long


Where there’s some Wills

In preparation for the final assault on Albion Yard, I’ve turned my attention to a new building, which may find it’s way on to the layout in due course. Well, I say its a new building, but in reality it’s been in a state of suspension for about ten years, and digging it out again I realized theres not a large amount of work to finish it. But that’ll probably change …


Its a small row of shops, originally intended for a Station Forecourt, I joined two kits together to make a small row of lock-up type shops. Originally I only wanted to see one side of them, so I don’t bother making parts for areas I can’t/won’t see. Not knowing how they will finally sit I decided to make them ‘in the round’ so I’ve started to add detail to the rear of the building. Using concrete road as a rendered rear wall works well. To hide the join in the centre there’ll be a drain pipe as at the ends, and brick work showing through damaged render. There’s still one area to do at the top of the rear of the disused unit. Then there’s the fitting out to do, at the moment the thoughts are of a greengrocer, a newsagent and a chippy. The greengrocer and newsagent will be relatively easy to do from bits and pieces in the parts bin, the chippy a bit more difficult. Then there’s the signwriting. The building may sit on a small removeable section with a back alley, rubbish nettles etc, which really appeals at the moment.


The graffiti places the building in the 1960’s to 1970’s period, no spray cans for spotty yoofs then, it was all analogue, brush, paint pot, and the words are based on pictures of actual location’s. In the case of ‘M. Khan is bent’, upon the writing above one of the tunnel mouths at New Southgate on the East coast main line. I’ll have to find space for ‘Kropotkin Lives’ somewhere too, that was on a wall outside Finsbury Park, for some reason it’s stuck in my mind all these years.


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