I should be so lucky


Yesterday I was lucky, I spent the day at Pete Watermans Leamington Spa layout, and did a few jobs for him helping in weathering some coaches.

Whilst there one of the locos on view was the GWR Hall class pictured here, 6924 Grantley Hall. Its a typical example of the quality that its able to see, and also see running. There’s something about 7mm scale that really can capture the imagination, and seeing full length trains, both express and passenger is a real treat. I’m not a convert, yet …

The layout isn’t all track though, far from it. Around the station itself are parts of the local streets and the housing which are also being modelled. To do this they are beginning to develop kits for 7mm houses for which I was able to see the first assembled sets, they look really good and I can see a separate market in the car collectors field for some of them. I managed to blag an outhouse/scullery section from Pete to have a play with from some early test castings. They are the sort of thing that really fires the imagination, particularly after starting to play with my 4mm shops a couple of days back. I’ll take a few shots and post them up over the next couple of days.

I’m at work tomorrow, new years day being paid to stare out of the window and talk. 2008 is already looking promising!




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