Do Something


Well its new years day, I didn’t know it was New years day of course, I was tucked up in bed with the moby turned off. Only seems right with a ‘Oh my god it’s early’ start, otherwise I’d have been sending HNY texts to one and all at about 07:00am just to get my own back.

The new year usually brings vows of action, weight loss, hair loss, celibacy, celibacy??? This year should be one of the most interesting for a number of years of modelling for me. I have a layout to do in N gauge, and requests to do more writing, from several sources which is good fun. I have Albion Yard to complete, that hopefully by mid year, the N gauge layout also by then too.

Hopefully I won’t get too sidetracked by things like the new 7mm house by JLTRT of which I have a few test pieces to play with which you can see blu-tacked together for a couple of test shots above and below.

The houses look really good when built in terraces with the uniformity of simple workers terraces from the industrial revolution. They effectively span from the Victorian era to the present day. I really want to get a couple of these and go to town on them so to speak, they have so much potential, just like the new year ahead of us.

HNY if i haven’t got your text No!


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