‘M Khan is Bent’



Its not known whom M Khan was, or indeed still is, but they achieved a certain amount of notoriety by having their ‘bentness’ advertised across North East London. Whomever started the campaign certainly made their mark, quite literally. A fellow modeller reported seeing the same slogan on the North Circular road bridge under the ECML, a couple of hundred yards from this scene, and it’s certainly been seen elsewhere. I first was aware of it in the late 1970’s from the slogan that you can see painted behind the train and wondered was he bent (1970’s terminology), or financially corrupt?

Considering the scale of the insult, (see pic), why did the man who painted it choose to use the polite form ‘M. Kahn’ – as if he was writing a letter to his bank manager? Perhaps he didn’t know Mr Kahn’s first name, in which case he can’t have known him very well – in which case it seems a bit much to go and paint definitive statements about his sexual orientation six feet high on the East Coast Main Line.
And perhaps even more intriguing, why was M.Kahn himself, no doubt a resident of the Finchley area and well able to contact the British Rail, content to leave the message there for over a decade? Is it possible that he wrote it himself? Which would suggest that the graffiti was not in fact an insult, but the biggest sex-advert in the world. Perhaps we’ll never know.

I also found this on a trawl through the dingy corners of the interweb. Note the use of the word ‘Bent’, and the date, sound about right.

DPP v Camplin [1978] A.C. 705 (House of Lords)
Lord Diplock:
“Camplin, who was 15 years of age, killed a middle-aged Pakistani, Mohammed Lal Khan, by splitting his skull with a chapati pan…At the time the two of them were alone together in Khan’s flat…According to the story that he had told…Khan had buggered him in spite of his resistance and had then laughed at him. Whereupon Camplin had lost his self-control and attacked Khan fatally with the chapati pan…”

Not so much M Khan is bent, as M Khan is dead, methinks.

Next week we look at Kropotkin. An anarchic geographer, who’s passion was for creeping into classrooms at night and changing the name of the countries on the globes. Allegedly.

Picture Copyright Hugh Dady, East Coast Main Line, New Southgate 1981.


2 Responses to “Somebody”

  1. Didn’t you copy almost word for word David Baddiel’s entry for M Khan Is Bent from the Mary Whitehouse Experience Encyclopaedia? Very funny, but plagiarism none the less. Be ashamed Norven Munky!

  2. norvenmunky Says:

    Well M Khan,, it appears you are correct. The original text is on the above link.
    The text I used was actually sent to me by a friend who had seen the model image on the ‘How long’ thread, and sent it to me as an email saying see what you can do with this. I never thought to check to see if it was ‘nicked’ from anywhere, thinking it was his words he was sending. SO yes inadvertant plaigirism I supose. Sesrching the text now it appears on quite a few places, so others have obviously copied it too! Not ashamed at all, just a bit fecked off to say the least, that it was not pointed out on the original email. If it had been i wouldn’t have used it. I’ll leave it as is so its in context. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and I’ll now go and nail someone’s head to a table.

    By the way, you’re not ‘the’ M Khan are you?

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