Miniature Disasters


We all have them, most of us when we make them, blush politely, apologise, and generally mop up after ourselves. Sometimes of course they can be a sequence of excruciating yet exquisitely crafted cockups. These are usually played out in full view of spectators, or in the webs case readers, whom with the benefit of a remote stance can watch ‘car crash’ interweb postings with wry amusement.
When starting in new company it’s usually a good idea to start gently, and get a feel for the way the correspondants interact with each other. Even then there’s no cast iron gaurantee thats going to work for you, but it’s a good start especially in ‘Forumworld’.
What you should have of course is the ability to think. And to think:
Once in a while, I’m sitting here, writing something. And thinking, “What in the world am I typing here?”
Fortunately for the bystanders there’s the added entertainment factor when the reader realises, ‘Ooh that’s gonna look bad quoted’, and the originator sublimely carries on digging. They work best of course when the assumption is made that the originator speaks for all, (by the originator naturally), and they post a real ‘handsitter’ of a comment, you know, the type that sane people would literally sit on their hands to prevent themselves typing. Once the assumption has been made or posted it can then be quoted of course. The slow witted writer naturally heads back to the original text, to make ‘adjustments’. Of course ‘re-entering’ the post once it’s out in the wild is like trying to nail custard to the ceiling. It’s gone, horse, stable door etc etc.

Above is my latest cock up, not sure what to do with it, got the number wrong, got the number placement wrong, got the engine door wrong as the color scheme is too late for the body, and got no front steps. The only person it matters to is me, and that’s not by much to be honest. I’ll resign myself to the fact that she’ll be the minger in the corner, not asked to dance, even on the first date. She won’t be the belle of the ball, no centrefold for her. Thing is though, she gave me pleasure in doing her, thats what it’s all about surely?


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