That Smell

Apparently the new Harry Potter film’s leading actor Daniel Radcliffe has compared the latest Harry Potter installment to cult movie Trainspotting.

I’ve nae seen any of the filums yet, but ah’ll deffo go and see this one. I’d mowah than willinly shell oot some beer tokens tae see him rumaging aroond up tae his biceps in shite, in the bookies khazi!

Can’t wait for the needles, dead baby and toxoplasmosis … though I’m sure they’re in the Potter book somewhere.

One Response to “That Smell”

  1. Dave Smith Says:

    Munky, that diatribe may have concerned the worst toilet in Scotland, but I have to say that it was accompanied by possibly the worst ever rendition of a Jock accent in cyberdom! Nowhere near as eloquent as Russ Abbott, I regret to inform you! 😉

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