Snow 101

All my own work

All my own work

Today was one of those days when real snow arrived. Real people couldn’t get to work, they rang in at 07:30 saying they were stuck. They then rang in at 09:30 to say they were still ‘gritting their drive’, hopefully that’s not an appauling euphamism for something people from Huddersfield do, in the privacy of their own homes. As I write this the snow is again falling, a little thicker now, it’s clearly close to zero, but with some melted snow on the branches out of the window, later in the night its likely to freeze …

Tomorrow Matthew, I’m going to be a rally driver, Hammy will no doubt breath a sigh of relief, safe in the depths of suvvern ingland, and wonder if my camera’s are packed well. This time however it won’t be a hire car …


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