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Well I certainly was on Saturday, it’s not often that British N gauge really gets my attention, but the pre-production Class 24 at Alexandra Palace did just that. It seems that Bachmann has got the British Rail bug with the recently released Class 08 and the 108 DMU there’s a rich vein to tap into, and N gauge is coming of age. What I did find was that having spent a good amount of time looking at track plans for my next model, I’m now considering a change of sclae for at least one of them, and its the recent Bachmann N gauge releases that’s primarily the cause. I’m thinking along the lines of modelling a section of line in N gauge, probably Scottish or North Welsh along US lines with several stations and card waybill systems to enhance operations. Also out on display were the 150 and 153 DMU’s, not particularly exciting for me, but the rendition of them seemed to the same quality as the 24, the colors also seemed to scale, and were not the sometimes too bright effect that models can give.



Also on display was Dapols N Class 67, looking very good, outside my era again but it should do very well for them.

Bach to Bachmann and their OO 4CEP, apologies for the image quality but the Bachmann stand as usual was swarming with foamers all jostling for position to get a look. It looks good again my initial thoughts were replace the front glazing and thats all that will be needed to make it a real show stopper.


The revised Class 47 was also there, but didn’t seem to draw much comment from those standing near me. I did take the opportunity to take a few poor quality snaps and have a good look at it though. They seem from the model displayed to have addressed Rosie the Rivetters window frames, the bogies detail have been corrected, and it sits square on the bogies. The variant was the internal tank/battery box only variety. The battery boxes look well represented, and they appear to be molded in a very similar style as Auntie Vi’s. The model was clearly pre-production, the front was two different colors of grey, with roof fan grills in etched brass. Initial impressions were very positive, if it runs as well as Vi’s, their current versions don’t quite in my experience, they’ll have a competitive quality locomotive on their hands.

Bachmann's revised CL47

Bachmann's revised CL47

Will the foamers pay more than the list price of a Vi 47 for the Bachmann 47 without whinging? I somehow doubt it. Still, plenty of Lima knocking about at bootsale prices to tart up for them though. Do some ‘real’ modelling, tee hee.

The next thing that caught my eye was Hornby’s 4MT 75xxx, and I think that’ll be the one for me. Good though Bachmanns is, the Hornby display model appears to have the edge on detail and finesse in its appearance.

The exhibition was pretty good, the getting there being ‘entertaining’. I found to my cost the disadvantage of Standard Advance tickets. Now in BR days you bought your ticket and got on the train, any train going your way. With a Standard Advance ticket you’re buying a specific seat, so if you miss the train thats it, game over. Fortunately I did miss my first train, I discovered five minutes before it arrived that NM’s wallet was eight miles away. just as well as it would have been a bigger pain in the bum to discover it 140 miles away! I had the Hull trains experience, which wasn’t bad to be fair even if 45 minutes late.

Most of the day was a social crawl around the show, which was just right, I met a couple of authors, one signed a book for big bro, which made my day and will his, you know who you are, ta mate!

When Love Comes to Town

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A Kangaroo Yesterday

A Kangeroo Yesterday

Polish border guards said Wednesday they had foiled an attempt to smuggle kangaroos, miniature ponies and 11 pheasants in a passenger bus across Poland’s border with Ukraine.”It was a regular bus with 30 or so passengers aboard,” Poland’s national border guard spokesman Andrzej Wojcik told NM news.

“Everything seemed to be fine until we opened and the checked the passports,” he slurred added.

Spot the Difference, Ukranian styley

Spot the Difference, Ukranian styley

“You can imagine the surprise of the border guards when they found two small kangaroos, five ponies and and eleven pheasants dressed as mice,” Wojcik said. “Both the kangaroos and ponies are miniatures, measuring 50 to 60 centimetres (one foot eight inches to nearly two feet). He declined to detail had actually been measured in the confused midnight crossing.
“One of the ponies is probably pregnant,” he sheepishly added. ‘It’s a very remote border crossing after all’

The Ukrainian bus driver had insisted he did not realise he was doing anything illegal, Wojcik said. After the amount of Vodka he had drunk the night before, three kangaroos, two horses and eleven pheasants would have been entirely normal. The horses as usual would’ve kept themselves to themselves, but the Roo’s, well you know how what Aussies are like, How dy’a tell there’s an Australian in the room?, Ya don’t they’ll tell you …
He told the border guards the animals had been delivered to him by a stranger in Warsaw and were to be handed over to someone at the final destination in Lviv, Ukraine. After 3.5 litres of Smirnoff a bloke in a hat looking for a ‘safe’ border crossing for the above menagerie, again would have been entirely normal for Dimitri.

The animals were examined by veterinarians and fed by border guards, in a delightful candle lit setting. “They are in good health and will be in good hands,” Wojcik said.

We made our excuses and left ….