I am now apparently a ‘Norven Munky’. Up here its ‘big sky’ country, and flat. Very very flat. A far contrast from the rolling hills of Hertfordshire and the mountains of Norf Lahndan, I miss so much!

Within five minutes of leaving home I can nearly see my workplace. What I can see is the disused head gear of the mine 5 miles from work. I’m only 300ft up but thats 15 miles northbound. If I look to the east I can see Lincoln Cathedral a good 15 miles too, and can relate to the many times I’ve read of RAF bomber crews seeking it as a landmark on their return from the war ravaged skies of Western Europe.

On here I’ll put a few thoughts and images, its mainly hobby/commision related, but I’ve learnt from other fields too, for example getting fat birds off a wall. The photography is done using Canon equipment, and all of it in available light.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Howdo – I’m trying to contact Mr N. Munky, formerly of Luton Airport & the Home Counties – would that be you, by any chance?

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