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Murder Incorporated

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Yup the faaashist pigs maan theyre at it agayne. Yup the potential of a private individual with his own Deltic ‘toy train’ D9016 55016 or Gordon Highlander, and its sale (or not), has generated more foam than a banana in the sump of a 1978 Beige Allegro.
Mr Sheepskin ‘They all do that guv, Allegro’s like’,
What? Foam like fuck when you throw a banana in the engine?
Mr Sheepskin, Yeh! …

Well its all about money in the end. The unconfirmed situation so far, because none of the foamers has got off their bums on any of the forums, and got a definitive answer on what the status is.
A bloke owns a toy train.
He may or may not have sold it to another bloke who owns a scrap yard, amongst other businesses. Murder Inc.
And that’s about it really. A real frail grasp on the big picture. Business as usual.

This means they have to contact the owner of the loco, or last known owner to establish who owns it and is it for sale. If anyone cared enough that would have been done and a known status would be the result. Then if its for sale someone who cared enough, and had some credibility, could raise the finance or dip into the wad of cash under the bed, (presumably from the sale to Spillers for cat food tins, of the least photographed member of the class, 55023 Shergar), and buy it.

It matters not if they can offer the lavatory seat from 55023 for the driver to sit, (yes sit) on, cash talks. It only talks if the owner wants to sell however, and with such an item, it’s the dealer/owner that sets the price they want, not an arbitrary figure snatched out of someone’s Ian Allan ABC of scrap metal prices, 1984 edition. It’ll be a commercial number too, so that’ll have noughts after it. So when someone asks ‘Is it bigger than a dog?’ you’ll be able to answer hand on heart ‘Yes!’.

So your options/starters for 10 are
A/ Do something
B/ Do Something

There is of course a way to make money and thats with a publicity drive, a quick interweb search for Deltics provided this image of a bevvy of ‘swamp donkeys’. Using it I’m sure foaming snake milkers would provide buckets full of ‘donations’.

Les âne du marécage

Les âne du marécage

Still if sitting on your bum, doing cock all, is what it’s about for you, you can take heart from Westlife, can’t lose what you never had …

Born To Run

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Today, the postie, (a brilliant disguise, as he may as well have been Father Christmas), sauntered up the drive, and placed in my hands a locomotive, just born to run. There’s a human touch in knowing your postie and saying hello now and then, they’re one of my hometown local hero’s, along with the retained firemen, the village bobbie, the docs, all of whom provide those essential services that keeps remote and rural village life afloat.

So what of this loco? Well it’s the new release from Bachmann and the National Rail Museum, a joint collaboration resulting in what I think is the best 4mm scale ready to run locomotive to be released so far. It’s a limited edition, but appears to be one that will be released in batches by the NRM, the most interesting version will be the weathered edition. That’ll take some work to be convincing, as the loco stayed very pretty clean it’s whole life. Mine of course will be heading for the filth factory in due course, there’s plenty of shots of it in color which will help enormously. No doubt as these ‘normal’ versions hit the ebay shelves we will see internal fights break out forum after forum, on the place Limited Editions have in the toy train market, one day it’ll end in murder. Incorporated in this new release is a 21-pin DCC decoder, I assume this decodes 21 pins, if it does what it says on the tin. This already has started the keyboard worriers raging about the benefits of 6/8/13.5/21 and 78.57 pin sockets. I don’t think some realise this is ‘progress’ apparently. The 78.57pin socket will be released with the Kestrel model now so eagerly anticipated.


Hard to believe that the picture above, (Note a 23 pin socket) will cause such foam and frenzy when it’s released in August 08, by a UK organisation not yet on the pitch. The Deltic takes an interesting place in the hirearchy of the UK outline RTR model, and I’d say value for money places it squarely at the top. This can only bode well for better days for the UK modelling scene, and hopefully in a constructive way it’ll have companies looking over their shoulders, wondering what’ll happen if I should fall behind? I’m under no illusion that these are now glory days for the UK modeler, or that this group of blood brothers, D+E modellers, apparently they only model the period after steam, (therefore they technically only model from August 11 1968 to about mid 1972, when BR allowed steam back on to its rails operating steam specials), are in for a new wave of superdetailed models without ‘serious flaws’ in them. I do wonder what happened to ‘discrepancies’? possibly too hard to spel proparly its been pushed into the river and been washed away.


The really good news however is that with this excellent release, shares at Boots have rocketed after the mass debate within the D+E brethren, and ebay is awash with cheap PC keyboards and screens that look like plasterers radios …