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I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

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Well its been a while since NM broke cover, fortuitously since the slug incident, things have been quiet. Ever so sportingly arranging to be out of the drum when Mr Hoovers finest was fired up in anger again probably helped. I’m led to believe ‘dried’ slug is a bit wiffy too. Mrs NM commented ‘the Hoovers making a really odd smell’, ‘Is it?’ NM replied, taking an inordinate amount of interest in assorted paint color swaiths the boss had brought in. One wonders sometimes if you can ‘over egg’ the pudding.

Anyhow in the intervening period ‘The Berg’, reminded by the GCM’s hoofing and footlight performances, has related the story of his mixing with the luvvies 43rd Light Artillery Dance, and Mime Field Regiment. Picture the scene as proud parents in ball-less strapgowns, Dj’s, cummerbunds, (Berg, jeans T-shirt), etc assemble to view their offsprings finest endeavours, in the field of unarmed, hand to hand, dance and mime. ‘The Berg’ continues …

Berg is godfather to the twin daughters of his good friend Dr S; a man with more letters after his name than in it. ( I’ve counted). Now eight years old, the gruesome twosome attend dancing lessons run by an ex leading light in tripping the light. When comfirming the date of his most recent visit to the Dr S household, Berg was informed he was to attend the forthcoming prize-giving. Along he went, expecting a few kids and parents and a quick finish. He was thus surpised to arrive amid some 400 parents and kiddies ranging from 5 to 15 yrs old. Recorded music was playing and the children were dancing the routines they had learned. Photography was allowed so your scribe was locked in combat with low light and high ISO. After a while everyone sat down around the dancefloor and out came the guest, professional dancers. They proceeded to give several demonstrations of how it should be done properly. Between numbers, the male partner spoke a few words to the audience. He asked who was everyone’s favourite dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. Looking back, Berg has to admit that given the dance-enthusiast audience, John Sargent probably wasn’t the most apposite name to loudly call out.

However, the highlight was still to come. For the next number the female partner wore a rather fetching dress with skirt split all the way to her waist. During the dance she was held by her partner horizontally at his shoulder height as he spun round. Sir Isaac Newton be blessed, gravity had its way and the skirt fell to the side. This revealed, how shall we put it, a ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ !! However this was to make Janet Jackson’s threppenies wafting around the Superbowl look a bit tame.

This was much more of a Super Bowel type thing, for the geographers among you we are talking the amazonian basin. For the Zooologists a Dromadarian Pedicure Exhibition. There was nervous laughter from the mums. There was a hushed, some say almost reverential, ripple of applause. In the silence that followed you could indeed hear peoples hearts beating, mixed with the faint aroma of a distant canning factory.

The dads and ‘The Berg’ sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the view.

Desire II

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Neighbours to the left of me, jokers to the right ...

Neighbours to the left of me, jokers to the right ...

I’m please to formally announce, my daughter, the ‘Gingham Clad Maverick’ (GCM), has “Arrived”. Comensurate with this we now find ourselves elevated into high society, and are probably the talk of a select few. Selected on the basis of their ability to nod their heads and say ‘Oh I know, yes, I know, Ow I knowww’ in the appropriate spaces.

Half Pint (GCM), is interested in the usual ‘girly’ things, pink, fluffy, cuddly, pretty, (that’s enough about me), stuff. She also does that stage school, dance school, trampoline school, gymnastics school, dolphin school, sort of things too. Well the elder sister decided she’d have a bit of the drama school malarky too, fair enough, so they both attend simultaneously, (thats together, if the neighbour is reading).

We probably live on the ‘right side of the tracks’ I suppose, though we probably don’t fit the rest of the street, and one of our neighbours is most definitely a bit of a this is a nice area (it is), for nice people (most are), kind of neighbour. Well the kids love the ‘hoofing’ and ‘luvvying’ of a Saturday morning, GCM has been a regular for a couple of years, couple of shows under her belt, brought the house down once with the old ‘Peering Under the Fire Curtain Gag’, mid performance, (someone elses), of course, and biggun joined just before December. So did the neighbours kid, the same age all bar a few days as GCM.

Well ‘Nanny’, that’s what they call the lady who can curdle milk and small children at 40 paces, mentioned in passing to Mrs NM a choice snippet. ‘Oh you know Mrs X?’, (The Neighbour), ‘She asked me why ‘Spoilt Brat 1′ hadn’t gone up to the advanced class at the same time as GCM, so I just said it was the right time for her to move’.

It was of course. Not only because GCM has got some time in, but also to assist us with the timing, two kids at the school the same time rather than staggered, like their dad coming home from the pub. Nanny and Mrs NM found it ‘tres ammusement’ that Mrs X, didn’t ask us why GCM had moved, but approached ‘Nanny’ clearly miffed that SB1 wasn’t being upgraded, despite being a new starter, and presumably ‘shite’ too.

Cancel two afternoon teas then ….