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White Christmas

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Happy Christmas


Snow Bird

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With the snow falling on the blog, thought I’d give this a try …

Canon G10

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Just a few more snaps, at the weekend we went for a walk and I got a few very good shots, dipping into the ‘Manual’ control facility. The LCD screen was excellent, showing the changes as they reflect on the actual picture. Couldn’t ask for more!


It'll be nice when it's finished ...

It'll be nice when it's finished ...

Keep the Faith

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Today was an early start, an OFFS early start actually, to meet up with Rolfy, (see his Crayon and Sugarpaper section on the right hand side). Setting off from the east midlands, so called despite being as far north as Sheffield which is ‘in’t north’, how does that work? So at 04:30 the car ‘locked and loaded’, and then unlocked, (why did I just fecking lock it?) started, and driven off westwards to ‘Gods Country’. Well he’s certainly got a sense of humour thats for sure, the enigmatic emblem of a root vegetable and a wet sheep being those iconic images springing to mind of the ‘Land of my Fathers’. It was an uneventful drive including paying for the privelidge of avoiding Birmingham, a well spent £4.70 if ever there was one. There wasn’t even the usual early year running the gauntlet of suicide alley, where pheasants habitually hurl themselves into the paths of cars on one particular section that on a ‘good’ day looks like the bottom of a butchers dustbin. I did have one near miss, with a low flyer, but nothing like the the times both Rolfy and I have experienced as game birds literally hurl themselves in front of our cars …

The pre-arranged ‘meet’ took place in a car park, not the first one for Rolfy that morning I’m led to believe, though I’m not certain his first meeting was pre-arranged, it was more an ad-hoc, come as you are, wear a uniform if you like, type of thing.
A quick check of the weather and the opportunity to try and get some ‘money shots’ led us to a different lay-by a few miles away. Its always interesting to see the looks on hardened lorry drivers faces as two cars turn up in their lay-by, and blokes get out of cars and start putting clothes on. It usually takes fifteen minutes or so to get suited, booted and our equipment packed just as we like it. Then its a deep breath before waddling sweating and swearing away from the warmth and security of the cars.

Today was an easy climb, a bit of a surprise in that I’d only been out once in the past year, this time it was without the expert guidance and verbal eloquence of our deck chair carrying brummie brethren. We’d got pretty much up to our shooting location when we had our only visitors of the day, a pair of hawks travelling quick enough to make reaching for the camera a non starter, but we thought a good omen for the day. Well it was, sort of. The problem being that all the traffic we saw passed us by, and overhead Rolfy’s nite-stop lay-by which we’d left behind at the start of the day. By now we were at the snow line, which meant the possibility of snow backgrounds and bloody cold feet and hands etc etc …

Snow Line

Snow Line

It’s not the first time we’ve used this location, it is however very exposed, and the right clothing is a must, and today whilst we didn’t get to snap any planes, we did have the opportunty to visit the inside of snow, rain and hail showers, which was nice, always a crowd pleaser that one.

Normally we get to try and tempt planes with assorted Ginsters pies, they normally work, but even a quick demo of line dancing from Rolfys night out in Machynlleth, failed to even attract the senior service, who were last seen heading toward Trawsfynydd.

Rolfy throws some 'shapes'

Rolfy throws some 'shapes'

So a round trip of 360’ish miles was it worth it? Yes. to do this sort of photography you need a lot of luck, time, and faith in it ‘happening’, one day, it will.

Something so Strong

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The Majestic

The Majestic

Carrying on with getting to know you with Canon’s G10 has been a bit slow, but on occaision I’ve managed to ‘pop a few caps’ with it over the past week or so. What’s it like with contrast and against the light shots? Well so far pretty good, the shot above has good shadow foreground detail, and the metering has held well with a cross section of the bright frontage of the Theatre and the neutral red brick, the sky has also retained the depth of its color too, which was nice …



The Typhoon, note I’ve captioned it ‘Tiffy’ to appear Uber Cool amongst the Binker glitterati out there, and imply I actuall know what specific version it is, was shot almost into direct sun. The live screen does wash out when you do this, and its not a good idea to do too much to save potential sensor damage,

Another 'Phoon'

Another 'Phoon'

Here’s one direct into sunlight, again handled well and still retaining some shadow detail on the original print. The caption indicates to the other ‘binkers’ who are now snorting that they’re not known as ‘Tiffies’, that I know another. I know another too ‘EUFI’, but that’s me getting all ‘pro’ …
Still back to the Canon G10 , and you can see even directly into light it’s still retaining good colour definition too, a very clever trick. All the images here are as they come, so no enhancements have been made, just imported and exported through Googles Picassa.

The zoom is pretty handy, combined with the macro facility. Apologies for the train geek stuff but this shows the macro off quite well. Neither of these shots have been cropped in any way.



Max macro

Max macro

The next shot has been cropped, and slightly tweeked of a Tornado at RAF Coningsby again into light and at max zoom.



The inbuilt flash is not overpowering either working well as a fill-in flash:

It also works well here where its brightened a dark alleyway considerably and not burnt out the foreground or lost the background detail.

Market Fill flash

Market Fill flash

Overall I’m very pleased with the camera. Would I reccomend it to others? Yes, undoubtedly.



Would I recommend it above other compact cameras or manufacturers?, No. This is because I’ve not done or had the facility to do a back to back test with a.n. other. Its also because I have no need or desire to do such a test, I’ve bought it, it works as I want it to. Sorted.

Sweetest Thing

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End of the rail ...

End of the rail ...

A couple of people have been asking how I’ve been getting along with the Canon G10, well quite well, my first thoughts are its well designed, intuitive, if you’re a Canon addict, and feels ‘quality’. I’ve not yet done any RAW images just relied on large Jpeg’s so far.

Downside which I noticed early on is apart from a quickstart manual the bulk of the user info is on a cd. I can see the logic, but theres a real disadvantage in the learning stages, in that I’m unlikely to take my pc hill climbing with me, and it means you have to sit in front of a screen, rather than in the pub with a pint and the manual.

Color rendition is excellent, straight from the box with no enhancement.

Macro facility is again excellent, this data, on a toy train, is only 7mm tall and 6mm wide in real life. I’ll add more info and shots as I get used to it. I think it’ll be the camera of choice for workshop related images rather than the DSLR.

We Can Work it Out

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It’s that day again! The early morning broken only by the sound of silence, the Nintendo DS being a particularly effective ‘OFF’ switch for the volume control of small children.

So at 08:00 hours we were wondering, laying in bed, and contemplating the day ahead. We’d got a frozen Turkey, and I don’t mean a forum member realising they’ve just made a spectacularly daft  posting regarding Hornby’s 2009 releases,  but a chicken type thing.

Fortunately this year I remembered to de-frost it in sufficient time and also took the giblets out. A few years ago I was guilty on both counts of:

A/  Failure to provide a cooked turkey

B/ Filling the kitchin with the smell of burnt plastic, offal and, when I     realised what I’d done, brown adrenaline.

Anyway back to the bedroom,  and the ‘mission planning’ not forgetting ‘basting the Turkey’, for the day ahead. Times, ETA’s all under review, and Mrs NM lets slip that the packaging, including the weight of said bird, (Turkey not Mrs NM) is in the bin.  So a short sharp ‘discussion’ takes place, where Mrs NM mentions that not all of her skills are appreciated or used. Fine I says, perhaps you’d like to dust off the old ‘skip surfing’ skills then? The packaging now having lived at the bottom of a wheely bin for 24 hours, with assorted offal and all manner of household shite half a week old.  Unsurprisingly she declined.

So we had a bird of unknown weight, well one, the other was keeping quiet, that we had to determine the weight of to cook. Not having kitchen scales up to the task a science lesson that ‘The Berg’ would have been proud of ensued.

Turkey was placed on a piece of wood balanced see-saw style over a rolling pin. Small children were despatched to all corners of the kitchen to find items of ‘known’ weight.  Unfortunately the rabbit (as in rabbit), was rejected due to the actual weight of the rabbit being unknown. I personally think the rabbits weight is known, its just it’s a female so even if it told us, odds are, it’d be lying. Once said items were balanced on the other end and equilibrium had been achieved the Turkey was cuffed, stuffed and sorted.

Just before christmas I went to London for a few ‘sharpeners’. As usual it was a good night, and resulted in a wallet litening by Calumet. I was thinking about the New Canon G10 compact, and after passing by Tottingham Court Road, Hammy dragged me up a small back passage way in Soho. There a bloke made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and sweaty palmed I emerged from his premises with it wrapped in a black plastic bag.

I wish I’d been able to get it out later on, as whilst downing a pint at the Lamb and Flag, we watched a young lady try to get out of a building, a Stage and Theatrical agents no less.

Lamb and Flag

Lamb and Flag

Needless to say the full length glass door wouldn’t open, and she was trying to get our attention to help. We ‘helped‘ by shouting ‘Is it a film?’ as she mimed pressing a door bell next to us. ‘The great escape?’, ‘Escape from Alcatraz?’, ‘Midnight Express?’ fortunately before she started swearing too loudly a ‘Luvvie’ came to her rescue and released her into the wild’s of Londons west end.

And then we went home.

Livin’ in the future

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The high street comes of age, as described by ‘Bergen’, having now been released from Liz’s ‘Hotel’ with a promise of good behaviour, after the christmas shenanigans!

‘Herr Rukin remains besotted by the idea of matching your focal firepower. I fear the legal profession may intervene as matters get the better of him. He should concentrate on getting qualified as an instructor and getting the hell out of here

There I was the other day, determined to make my own substantial lens purchase. You may recall the place in Dunstable. It was there, nearly ten years ago, that I bought my film SLR and my Tamron lenses. I thought I’d pop in and see if they had the piece I was after. Hmmm; you know when you remember somewhere as it was some time ago and then return ? Well I walked in, looking for boxes of bodies and lenses. However all there seemed to be was an array of photo frames and such like. These sell I’m sure but I was still looking in vain as my confused hulk heaved-to in front of the counter. I explained what I wanted, only to be told they no longer stocked Canon stuff: or anything else remotely SLRish by the look of it.

Later in the day I was in central London perusing the delights of the metrolopiss. I chanced upon a camera emporium and popped in. My specific requirement had barely left my lips before the shopkeeper said “Yes we’ve got one here”.  As he removed the box from the counter I noticed the price on it and gulped. What is the object in question ? What made me blanche at the asking price ? Well, if you , Rukin and NMC’s Sontaran amabassador can buy lenses, so can I. Yes indeed, the Canon 50mm f1.8 will be mine !! This pinnacle of optical accessories is avilable for about £80 or less as far as my research can tell. However my friends in this place ( yes I know it was London ) wanted £110.  We shit you not !!

Holding the thing ( sorry, lens ) in my hands it became apparent to the staff I was backing off; stammering thanks for letting me look at it. Out came the calculator and several punches later they offered ten quid off. I remained unmoved, indeed the pained expression on my face told much. ” I’ve seen them for 75 or 80 quid ” said I.

Feigned, shocked disbelief behind the counter led to a frenzy of button punching until the green, Casio writing allowed them to “Meet me half way”. This was still far too much so your scribe bade them farewell and QFO’d to the cacophony of Tottenham Court Road.  Digital Depot, here I come.

This was actually the third attempt. The first was with Bristols at home. Being local I wandered into their small premises a few weeks ago. Now then, we hear all the time about how tough it is on the high street. So, imagine you run a camera shop. In walks the Jones who looks around your small ( 10′ sq ) shop. Confronted by nothing but bags and compacts he asks where you keep your lenses. Now ponder a while. Separate lenses. We are immediately talking SLR ( aren’t we ? ). I would have asked ” What sort of lens ? ”

Odds on you’d have made a sale. Then the Jones’ initially modest outlay would be followed in due course by a tripod, flash unit and more L glass. But no !  I was fobbed off by some mumbled, nondescript explanation of why they didn’t display lenses. Yes, I could see space was limited but a few moments of courtesy added to the simple expedient of popping upstairs to your storage area would very probably have led to several thousand pounds worth of business. No wonder the high street is in deep dwang.’

The deed is done. The Bergen swept into St. Evenage one Tuesday tea time; storming the emporium that is the Depot. Resistance was futile as the request for that icon of photographic hardware was delivered. The steely-eyed server of lensmen disappeared to the sanctum sanctorum, returning post-haste, clutching the item. The price saw off our shark like brethren of Tottenham Court Road by some thirty sheets.
Your scribe breaks into Gollum-speak:
Preciousssss !!!   We has it !  ( cough, splutter)